Equine Guelph thanks the following contributors for
their help on Danger Detective on the Horse Farm

Jason Lu – flash programming

Ruth Benns – artwork
Brenda Snape – activity design

Anne Gibbard – Funny Bones (French)
Norman Liota – Funny Bones (English)

Videos – Actors
All Aboard? - Alexandra Barret, Dylan Gibbard, Darcey Stewart & Stella the dog
Approaching a Horse – Jackie Bellamy & Dylan Gibbard
Heads in Helmet - Diane Gibbard
Melon Head – Stephanie Whiting
No Dummies around PTO’s – Alexandra Barret & Darcey Stewart
The Story of the Gate – Henrietta Coole

Videos French Voiceover
Diane Gibbard

Videos – Locations
Approaching a Horse - Leatherstone Farms (Guelph, ON)
No Dummies around PTO’s/ All Aboard? - Stewart’s Farm Equipment (Erin, ON)
No Dummies around PTO’s - Vapormatic Equipment (England)

Videos – Shooting/Editing
David Finlay & Jakub Hyzyk

Website Design
Jakub Hyzyk – website design

Project Manager
Diane Gibbard